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"Wallace ecosystem and biodiversity in Maluku for sustainable humanosphere"(International Confereces/International Symposia)

Date: 3 October 2011
Venue: Swiss belhotel Ambon
Jln. Benteng Kapaha, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia

Organized by:
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH) Kyoto University,
Research and Development Unit for Biomaterials-LIPI,
Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Pattimura University, Ambon

Supported by:
Center for South East Asian Studies (CSEAS),
Global Center of Excellence (G-COE) program 


This is an announcement of the International Symposium for Sustainable
Humanosphere to be hold on October 3, 2011 at Swiss-belhotel, Ambon – Maluku - Indonesia.
The participants in the symposium include the following.

“ Wallace ecosystem and biodiversity in Maluku for sustainable
humanosphere ”

The program is created as a great concern toward a new paradigm of
sustainable humanosphere and area study in Asia and Africa.
Specifically, this event will conduct to concern and develop some
collaboration research and project in Maluku (especially for Wallace
ecosystem and biodiversity) for sustainable humanosphere.
We cordially invite all researchers and scientific, government, and
young researchers from any scientific field and academician to joint
one-day of International Symposium for Sustainable Humanosphere. This
intellectual event is an innovative endeavor where presenters and
participant can share their knowledge about latest issues closely
related to the new paradigm.
This program will be more concern to establish research collaboration
and project around Wallace ecosystem and biodiversity in Maluku for
sustainable humanosphere.

Call for paper
Authors are kindly invited to submit an abstract related to the topic of
the symposium. Abstract should include title, author(s) name,
affiliation(s) and main text (100-300 words). The type of the
presentation; oral or poster is also requested to be informed when you
send an abstract. A paper submission is also required. Please note also
that deadline for abstract is August 19, 2011 and for full paper is
September 16, 2011. The abstract and full paper formats are available in
our website. The soft copy (word file) of the abstract and full paper
should be submitted to symposium secretariat by using our website
( or send to
ari.kusumaningtyas[at] ari.kusumaningtyas[at]

The 1st ISSH 2011 covers all kinds of topics related to humanosphere
such as:

1. Atmospheric Science: Equatorial Atmosphere; Space Environment,
Radar Observations; Air Pollution Dispersion Model; Climate and Weather
of the Sun-Earth System; Solar Activity and Space Weather
2. Biosphere Science : Animal ecology; Bio-indicator; Anthropological
Approaches; Human Development Index; Empowerment of Local Communities;
Ecosystem and Community
3. Geosphere Science : Land Resource Management Option for Global
Warming Mitigations; Heat, Water and CO2; Carbon Cycle and Sink in
Several Forest Ecosystem Types; Water Management System
4. Marine Science : Development of Marine Ecosystem, Fishery Products
5. Wood Science and Technology : Wood Cell Wall Formation; Cellulose;
Wood Biochemistry; Wood Deteriorating Organisms; Wood Preservation;
Timber Structure; Wooden Construction; Wood-based Material; Carbonized
Wood Based Composites; Wood Adhesives; Chemical, Physical and Mechanical
Properties of Wood; Biomass Conversion; Bio-composites; Wood for Energy;
Termites for New Energy Options; Urban Pest Management
6. Forest Science : Tropical Fast Growing Tree Studies; Structure,
Growth and Function; Tree Biotechnology; Genetically Modified Tress;
Biodiversity in Tropical Plantation Forests; Peat Swamp Forest
Ecosystem; Forest Biomass; Intensive Silviculture; Forest Fire and
Global Climate Change.



Afternoon- Evening
October 3, 2011



Location :
Swiss belhotel Ambon
Jln. Benteng Kapaha, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia

Registration fee :
*Accommodation (hotel) is not included.
Indonesian participant; Regular : Rp.150.000/person, Students :
Rp.100.000/person (including program book, lunch, coffee break).
Payment : Fee could be pay in the site or send to Bank Mandiri (Branch
of Cibinong), Account number : 133-00-1093-0063 holder Dwi Hadi R

Contact person :
Sasa S.Munawar, E-mail : sasasofyanm[at]
Linda Kriswati, E-mail : lkris01[at]

Current information is available on our web site: