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"「Local Politics and Social Cleavages in Transforming Asia」(Related Conferences/Research Seminars)

This seminar is closed, so if you join us, pelase contact to Abe(abe{at}

Time: 17-18 December 2010, 14:00 - 18.40
Venue: Middle Size Conference Room(17), Small Size Conference Room(18) at the Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall 3rd floor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto

Dec. 17th (Fri.),2010

14:00-14:20: Introduction

Session1: National and Local Politics (Moderator: Honna Jun)

Pei-Hsiu Chen「The Change and Continuity of Military Role in Thai」
Tri Ratnawati「Central-Local Relations in Indonesia in Post-Soeharto:The Pemekaran Daerah (Formation of New Regions)  and Disintegration from Within」
Tsai-Wei Sun 「The Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia and Malaysia: before and after the Asian Crisis」
Seto Hiroyuki「Central-Local Relations on the Land and Forestry Policy in Lao PDR - An Analysis of Resource Management of Local Administration」
15:20-15:40: Q&A
15:40-16:00: Coffee Break

Session2: Local Politics of Cleavages (Moderator: Pei-Hsiu Chen)

Choi Nankyung「Political Transformation, Social Cleavages and Local Power Struggle in Indonesia」
Viengrat Nethipo「A Grassroost Arena of the National Power: Politics of Primary Health Care Units in Thailand」
Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi「Harmonizing or Cleaving? Women in Local Politics in Post New Order Indonesia」
Kawano Motoko「Beyond Bumiputera Policy? : Malayasia's Local Politics in Transition」
17:00-17:20: Q&A
18:00-22:00: Free Discussion and Dinner

Dec. 18th (Sat.),2010

Session3: Metropolitan "Local" Politics: Social Interaction and Institution (Modearator: Choi Nankyung)

Honna Jun 「Jakarta's Protection Racket: Changing Markets, Discourses and Actors」
Ahmad Suaedy 「Ethnicity in a Megacity: Identity and Political Participation of Ambonese and Madurese in Metropolitan Jakarta」
Miich Ken 「Religious Symbols and Political Power in Jakarta」
Okamoto Masaaki 「“Invisible” and Dysfunctioning City Assemblies (Dewan Kota) in the Metropolitan Jakarta: Intriguing Lack of Institutional Democracy in Indonesia」
10:30-10:50: Q&A
10:50-11:10: Coffee Break

Session4: Metropolitan "Local" Politics: Class and Social Aspiration (Moderator: Miichi Ken)

Ukrist Pathmanand 「Bangkok as Rich-Poor and Political Conflict Space」
Kusaka Wataru 「Moralization of Class Politics in Metro Manila: Disciplinary Governance of the Metro Manila Development Authority and the Urban Poor」
Abdul Hamid 「Dibo Piss: the Politics of Voluntary Organization in Jakarta」
Arai Kenichiro 「Urban Development and Social Cleavages in Metropolitan Jakarta: Emergence of the New Regime of Containment?」
Chae Suhong 「The Causes, Characteristics, and Effects of Expanding Labor Conflicts in Recent Five Years of Vietnam: The Case of Southern Industrial Zones」
12:25-12:50: Q&A
12:50-14:00: Lunch

Session5: Weak "National" Governance at the Locality (Moderator: Ukrist Pathmanand)

Wahyu Prasetyawan 「In the Shadow of Local Strongman: Political Economy Changes in Tangerang Selatan, Banten」
Prajak Kongkirati 「Murder and (Un) Progress: the Changing (or Unchanging) Pattern of Political Killings in Thai Local Politics」
Somchai Phatharathananunth 「Social Transformations, Democratization and Rural Resistance」
Ikrar Nusa Bhakti 「Autonomy and Politicization of Local Bureacracy in Indonesia」
Alan Hao Yang 「All International Politics are Local? Localizing Border Politics between Thailand and Cambodia」
15:15-15:40: Q&A
15:40-16:00: Coffee Break

Session6: Local Political Economy of Energy Crops (Moderator: Okamoto Masaaki)

Hayashida Hideki 「Which Side Actors are More Responsible, Local or Global ?―Fundamental Causes of Expansion of Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia」
Fujita Wataru 「The Social Impact of the Expansion of Oil Palm Plantation in Southern Thailand: A Scope for Global-Local Area Study」
Iwasa Kazuyuki 「Agribusiness and Politics of Palm Oil: A Case of Malaysia」
Ngadi 「The Employment Relationship on Smallholders Oil Palm Plantation in Indonesia」
Syarif Ibrahim Alqadrie 「Controversy Surrounding The 2010 Singkawang Case: Hasan Karman's Paper and Dragon Statute」
17:15-17:40: Q&A
17:40-18:40: Final Discussion (Moderator: Ota Atsushi)